Frequently Asked Questions


Q: OK, I've Paid. Now What ?

A: A license key will be sent to you within 24 hours, normally within minutes, that allows you to unlock the downloaded version and give unrestricted access to the the full program. Follow the instructions in the email that explain how to license your new software.

Q: How will MonitorMyMac help me Monitor my Childrens Internet Usage ?

A: If you install MonitorMyMac on your child’s computer they will be less likely to become exposed to the seedier side of the internet as they know you can monitor what they are doing. If you periodically check their screenshots you can be alerted to a potential problem before it occurs.

Being able to see what was on their screen and also what they were doing (via the webcam) gives you the ability to stay aware of what they are doing. Of course, they can Quit MMS, but if they do - that's your cue that they may be up to no good. Either way you are informed. Your child's computer usage will not come as a surprise to you.

There are many products that are available to help you protect your children online. MonitorMyMac is not a replacement for them, it is an extra line of defence that may however make all the difference. MonitorMyMac can also be used to provide the evidence that is so often lacking when trying to establish a case against an internet predator.

Q: Do I Need Access to an FTP Server ?

A: No. The FTP upload ability is there for those that already have access to an FTP Server, or who can get one setup. If you have your own website then you have access to an FTP Server. MonitorMyMac works well without needing an FTP Server, you do however lose the ability to view your images from any Internet enabled computer.

Q: If my Computer Crashes, Can MMS help me Recover Work ?

A: Not directly. However if you have a visual record of what you did every few minutes this should enable you to recreate the lost work rapidly. There is no replacement for a good backup policy.

Q: How do I use Full Stealth ?

A: The Full Stealth version is supplied as a separate application named MMMStealth. The following steps are required in order to successfully use full stealth.
1. Rename MMMStealth to something less obvious, for example: prtdmn4
2. Set the Full Stealth application to start at login using the Account System Preferences
3. Using MonitorMyMac configure the Preferences to 'Hide Window on Startup' and turn off 'Check for Updates'
4. When the Mac is restarted the program will run, and start capturing, but will be hidden

Q: Why is the Download 10Mb ! ?

A: The download includes two programs, the Standard version and also the Full Stealth version.

Q: How do I View Images from My iPhone / Netbook / CyberCafe ?

A: Version 1.1.0 introduced the capability for MMM to create HTML files which contain a link to the latest captured images.

Two files are created (assuming you have set the Preferences to capture both Screen and Webcam), the files are named:




These files are created and stored locally with your images as well as being automatically uploaded to your FTP site (if you are using the FTP capability).

In practical terms what this gives you is the capability to bookmark these files and view the latest webcam or screen captures from iPhone, Windows Mobile Device, Netbook, Browser or any other device that can display webpages and has access to your FTP site over the internet.

This is much easier and quicker than manually looking at the directory listings to establish the latest images. Although you can of course still do this should you wish to.

Q: How do I Upload to my MobileMe Account ?

A: Your MobileMe iDisk can be added to your desktop and used like a normal disk drive.  

So you tell MonitorMyMac to save the images to your iDisk, there is then no need to use the FTP ability of MonitorMyMac as your iDisk can syncronise to the internet automatically, making your files available remotely without using FTP.